Window Tinting

MRG Auto Care is a professional auto detailing specialists with a range of highly qualified and experienced staff.We provide Top Quality Car Detailing services that will give your car or 4x4 a showroom finish. Our services include new car protection, ceramic paint protection, machine polishing, stone chip protection and deep interior cleaning and polishing. We are specialized in paint correction, ceramic coatings and the installation of PPF (paint protection film). We also provide compound polishing, dents removal and paint glazing.

MRG Auto Care rely on the latest technology and equipment for installing windows tinting. Our car tints areinstalled in many satisfied customers in Dubai. Window tinting in Dubai provides thecost effective method of keeping your car or 4x4 interiors free from the harsh climate effects. Our window tints are available in a variety of shades and our service adviser can assist you in selecting the right material for your car or 4x4.


Benefit of Window Tinting

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