Car AC Servicing

We undertake all types of AC repair and services for your vehicle's air-conditioning system, including gas filling, water leakage fixing, and cooling coil repair.

Most of the Ac failure in vehicles happens during the summer months as the temperature is high. On your visit to our garage, our experienced AC mechanics check for all the faults associated with the air conditioning system like leaks, faulty compressor, refilling etc. We then repair or replace the parts to ensure that your car AC is working in top condition and you can enjoy your driving experience in all weather conditions. We recommend our customers carry out AC servicing every 10 K and replace AC filters at the coverage of every 30K mileage.

Would you please call MRG Auto Garage on 04 – 2328400 / 058 103 2591 – 92 or book the appointment on the website

Complete car Check up Mrg Auto

Understanding the time for AC checkup

Our expert A/C system technicians have already serviced and repaired several types of automobile air conditioning systems. Hence, no matter how complicated or straightforward your car's AC problem is, you can be assured that it will be fixed effectively.

Some of the typical AC issues involve compressors, condensers, fan motors, blower motors and switches, Ac pipers, evaporators, expansion, and drier filters. We offer high-level air conditioning services and diagnostics equipment to perform repair services at MRG Auto Garage in Dubai. Would you please call MRG Auto Garage on 04 – 2328400 / 058 103 2591 – 92 or book your appointment online?